He appeared as if envious regarding Yang and you will expected her intimate connection with Blake

He appeared as if envious regarding Yang and you will expected her intimate connection with Blake

As they fought, the guy manipulated her emotionally and you may starred on her flaws. He railed in the the girl about how precisely its fate would be to change the nation along with her and you can assured you to definitely she would try to escape again, not until after she suffered on her behalf betrayal. Their battle finished with him beheading Blake’s clone.

From inside the “Requisite Give up”, Adam displayed an undesirable fixation to have revenge towards Blake as he purchased Corsac and Fennec Albain to possess the woman taken to your alive along with her moms and dads would be to become assassinated. not, he had been clueless one Blake got anticipated the latest pitfall applied by the woman captors and you may been able to refrain him or her and you may help save the woman mothers.

Inside the “Downfall”, Adam was happy observe Blake apparently turn by herself to your but is actually after angered when she along with her comrades foiled their arrangements to have destroying Refuge. The guy assaulted the girl for the outrage, merely to feel clobbered at escort Tyler the back of his direct. Inside “Haven’s Destiny”, Adam made an effort to intimidate Blake by using the woman concern with your however, so you’re able to zero avail as the she got obviously gotten more him. After its brief battle, Adam escaped in an effort to attract Blake and you will Sunrays Wukong out or take them down when they were alone, but Blake effortlessly noticed owing to his plan.

After the Race regarding Sanctuary, into the “Argus Minimal”, Adam’s hatred and you will fixation to possess Blake became stronger. He hated it an individual said Blake’s identity, hence lead to him slaughtering their left followers on his get back so you’re able to Light Fang head office.

The guy ultimately cornered the girl atop brand new Argus radar tower within the “Taking regarding Elderly” and you will specifically charged the lady getting his ruination. Since endeavor goes away from tower and towards tree below, Adam vowed not to let Blake avoid again. Because the a couple of fought, Adam vocally mistreated Blake, calling this lady a good coward to own running off your and you can informing the girl that in case she had simply “behaved”, their newest steps wouldn’t be required. Immediately following discussing their scarred face to help you Blake, he stated that no-one hurt him instance she performed.

Within the “Seeing Red-colored”, when Blake says she’s going to remain of the Yang, the guy reminded the woman you to definitely she made a promise in order to your in order to stand from the his front and you will she never leftover their keyword. And therefore simply triggered Yang mocking Adam, inquiring if the Blake indeed promised your or even the individual Adam try pretending are, believing that he was psychologically manipulating the lady and come up with their thought he was a special style of people than simply he really was. Later on, Adam try overrun immediately after Blake and you can Yang managed to impale him.

While the viewed during the their fight Yang, Adam highlighted energetic fury and even jealousy into Yang when he needed to understand what Blake spotted in her own, implying you to definitely Adam themselves wasn’t more Blake in which he nevertheless harbored feelings on her behalf even with his hatred.

Yang Xiao Much time

He provoked Yang towards the assaulting him of the stabbing Blake in her own stomach. Whenever Yang rushed him, he with ease severed the woman correct arm, following went in to finish the work. However, Blake’s interference averted your from eliminating Yang.

Whenever Yang try heard contacting away to possess Blake, Adam told Blake which he manage focus on Yang inside the goal so you’re able to wreck everything Blake cherished

Over the following year, Yang averted your from killing Blake because of the running your more that have the lady bicycle, immediately after which position before your. When she vowed to hold him out of, the guy decided without a doubt, dedicated to doing just what he already been during the Beacon. Immediately after a short race, Yang warned your to go out of him or her end up being. However, Adam called their bluff, insinuating she try frightened to die protecting Blake. In the “Enjoying Red”, throughout their struggle, Adam kept taunting their regarding the girl tips about Battle out-of Beacon. Yang believed that Adam psychologically manipulated Blake therefore she would imagine he had been a special style of people. He had been unable to control their frustration, when he failed to understand Yang put the girl semblance to soak up his personal, much so you can their wonder and you will nightmare. Shortly after Yang discarded his weapon, Adam is actually weighed down immediately following she and Blake managed to impale him.

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